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Gase Specialities
Head Office
Lebanon - Beirut
Ain Al Remmaneh
Edmond Gharios Street (Hawedith Street)
Ghosn Building
Ground Floor

Tel/Fax: 00961 1 38 18 84
Mobile  : 00961 3 24 72 03

Email    : Info@GaseSpecialities.com
Website: http://www.GaseSpecialities.com

Comments and Questions

  • A job well done! Today, even though it was pouring, I didn't suffer from any water or damp problems. Thank you.

  • I'm grateful for the work you have provided; you were able to fix the leaking problems all over the house. I'm sure we're going to have new projects together in the near future

  • Thank u for your amazing job renovating our building. We appreciate your professional performance and outcome. Today, we can proudly say that our building is definitely as good as new!

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